Preparing for the presentation of his thesis project at Luisiana State University, the student prepares a report and plans to arrange the slides, but he does not consider the most important thing – his behavior on the protection of the diploma. The fact is that some little things are able to completely change the attitude of the commission members to the personality of the student. We, on our part, will just consider these trifles, so that the students of the Luisiana State University will not have any difficulties in preparing the presentation or in carrying out the defense.

Important nuances in the defense of the thesis project best essay help

So, imagine that you are standing in front of a blackboard and telling a report specially written to the full text of your work. It is important here how you stand at the board. If you have a pointer in your hand that you show on the contents of the slides, then you need to observe a moment that you are in no way turned your back on the members of the commission. You can stand slightly sideways, but at the same time your attention should be focused only on the faces of the commission. You can take a moment to look at something on the slide, but keep in mind that turning your back on the commission will be considered a bad form and disrespect towards teachers.

Do not swing a pointer or hands when showing something on the board. gestures should be smooth and measured. There is no need to hurry. Many do so, because they think only about how to meet the pre-set time of the presentation. But in fact, if you swing your arms, clearly showing that you are in a hurry, then you will save by the time not more than half a minute. This time you still will not save.

At a time when you do not need a pointer, do not hold it in your hand like a foreign object. It is better to put it on the table for a while.

Technique of gestures during the presentation

Technique of gestures actually has the most profound meaning than you might think at first glance. This is simply unsurpassed by speech rehearsals. Help in this case can parents, friends or just a mirror. With their help, you will be able to understand what you are doing wrong, and also your household will necessarily indicate that if your behavior ceases to be natural. How not to twist, but this may well happen, because when a person experiences a certain stress, his behavior may subconsciously change. Gestures become sharp, or vice versa, sluggish. Speech can become vague and blurry.

As for the speech itself, its preparation should also have a special meaning for you. For the entire report to pass without hesitation, it is necessary to learn the first and last sentence of the report well, and it is better to tell the main part in your own words. The fact is that when you memorize a speech, when you are knocked down by a moment, you can completely forget what you were talking about. Moreover, the jagged speech is immediately visible. This creates the impression that the work was written not by the student himself, but was bought.

A special role in the preparation of the presentation is played by the moral attitude. We can give one good advice – before you come to the defense, try to get into the audience where your defense will be held. The fact is that getting into an unfamiliar place, a person can be confusing all sorts of trivia. It can be a bright curtain, and characteristically arranged furniture. In general, the distraction factor will always be. But if you are morally prepared for where you are going to take the presentation, then for you the second visit to this audience will not seem so shocking. Even better, if you go into an empty audience and mentally imagine that it already has members of the commission. Of course, such a training will not replace real events, but at the same time it will be able to help.

A good option if you attend the protection of the diplomas of another group that is protected before you. It is better to do this in about two days. So you will have the most complete idea of ​​how, in fact, you will be defended. You can see how harsh the members of the commission, or vice versa, how much they are supportive of the students. Also, you will be able to calculate in absolute accuracy how much time is spent per student, and in general, whether they give him a complete presentation.

And the last – never argue with the members of the commission. There have been cases when, after significant and constructive criticism, the student began to argue with the teachers. Undoubtedly, he could have thought that it was necessary to defend his opinion in any case. But in this situation, this is not permissible. Take into account your status and the status of the professors, who at the time of your defense became your judges, who will make their own severe sentence – whether you will get a diploma or not. You can understand when a student begins to argue zealously with professors, that it’s just stress, that the student was nervous and simply broke, because before that he was assiduously preparing for protection, he did not sleep all night. But the commission is not always supportive even in such situations.